About Heather Henson…

I’ve been on this journey of life for well over half a century and I love having adventures that bring colour to my life and the world around me. I enjoy exploring life through writing, and being a visual sort of person I often use metaphors to do this.

I’ve discovered that life is best done not looking up the mountains of life. Instead, I prefer to practice a ‘one day at a time’ lifestyle – trusting the Holy Spirit to help me keep hold of my Father God’s hand and walk in the footsteps of His Son Jesus Christ. There is so much to explore in every footstep of Jesus!

For almost 40 years, I have been married to Ross. I love that I can say: I enjoy our partnership! We’ve had a lot of adventures together – in Australia (the land of our birth), as well as living in Papua New Guinea, Greece, and other more itinerant adventures (missional of one sort or another) in many different locations.

Years ago, we brought into the world two wonderful people who have each found their own soul-mate. And yes… I am now enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of the next generation… my three granddaughters.

By the way… Here’s a picture below of me and Ross. It’s a bit dated, but I like it!


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