About Heather Henson…

What do you want to know?

I’ve been on this journey in life for over half a century. I love having adventures that bring colour to the world around me. I’ve discovered that life is best done not looking up the mountains of life… instead I would rather practice walking one day at a time trusting God – the Holy Spirit to help me hold my Father God’s hand walking in the footsteps of His Son Jesus Christ – He’s the exact representation of His Dad. There is so much to explore in every footstep of Jesus!

I enjoy exploring life through writing – I often use metaphors to do this. I have been married to Ross for over three decades – I enjoy life with him. Years ago, we brought into the world two wonderful people who have each found their own ‘love of their life’. And yes… I am now enjoying seeing the world through the eyes of the next generation… my granddaughter.

At the moment Ross is the International Director of MMM International Alliance. (MMM was formerly known as Mobile Mission Maintenance & began in Australia 40 years ago.) The ID appointed me his ‘Communications Director’ last year & says he pays me triple what he gets! I like his sense of humour. I’m not exactly sure if I if do a good job! It’s a voluntary position for both of us which means our God continues to provide for us in all sorts of creative ways!

By the way… here’s a picture below of me & Ross.


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