The Joy of Creation

Imagine! The Creator of the universe is standing with you. Right beside you… to your right. He turns to you and with a twinkle in his eyes says, “Watch this…” 

Looking up into the night sky, you watch as he flings a star into space. His throw was amazing to watch. There was no sense of randomness or trying hard to get it right.

This was the Creator having fun. Enjoying himself! 

You watch as the Creator of the universe paints a picture on the easel of the dark canvas of the night sky. But this is no ordinary work of art. This is life. But this is not the ‘still life’ sort of art you have seen artists in the world work to copy from a model set before them.

No. This unique art exhibition created by him is living, vibrant and joyful—singing in worship to the Creator—the One who spoke it all into being. The One who sustains it all by the power of his word!

This masterpiece—set high in the heavens by the Lord of Heaven’s Armies—testifies to the brilliance and power and majesty and love of our Creator.

“Did you like that? he exclaims as he turns to you looking into your eyes! The energy and loving kindness, the sense of ancient wisdom there—you see all of this and more—somehow mixed in together in the limitless depths of his eyes.

You know you are looking in to the face of the eternal I AM who I AM. The Ancient of days. The Author of life—your life and mine.

Rich and satisfying. Abundant life!

Resting his hands on your shoulders, the Creator speaks to you with an intensity that has every part of your being quivering. You know that you cannot contain this energy that is even now building within you. You begin to wonder, “What will it take? What is going to happen to release this energy? Am I going to explode?”

Suddenly, Jesus lifts one hand from your shoulder and turning, he looks up once more into the night sky. “Look what I did with that energy! Look what was created through me! By me. For you. To point you to me. You cannot contain my power… relax into me and let it flow. Let it flow through you. My Spirit will guide its flow according to our Daddy’s plans. And rememberthe plans… they are all about me!” 

For the glory of God!

Let us worship the Lord—our God! Ascribe greatness to the Creator immersed in the beauty of his holiness…. in the splendour and wonder of his majesty!

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